Every celebration has its own origin and story. People come together on a regular basis to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays, and countries often come together to commemorate important moments in their history and to honor their citizens’ beliefs. Many different cultures also celebrate important moments in one’s life through coming-of-age milestones, with different ages associated with one’s cultural values, legality, or religion. Celebrations bring people together in the light of joy, love, and companionship, allowing us to connect to our roots, honor our ancestors, and commemorate our countries’ histories. What we celebrate and why we do so always ties back into our cultural roots, connecting us to each other no matter how far we are from home.  

Toda celebración tiene su raíz e historia. La gente se reúne regularmente para celebrar aniversarios y cumpleaños, y así, los países y sus habitantes a menudo se reúnen para conmemorar momentos importantes de su historia o para honrar sus creencias. Muchas culturas también celebran momentos importantes en la vida de uno, y las diferentes edades representan distintos valores por razones comunes, como la legalidad o mayoría de edad, o por motivos religiosos. Las celebraciones unen a las personas en amor, alegría y compañerismo, lo que nos permite conectarnos a nuestras raíces, honrar a nuestros antepasados y conmemorar la historia de nuestros países. Lo que celebramos y por qué lo hacemos siempre se relaciona a nuestro patrimonio cultural, conectándonos el uno al otro sin importar cuán lejos estemos de casa. 
Quince Tradition​​​​​​​
Dulce Perez – Lumpkin County High School​
Acrylic ​
10 x 13 in.​
My artwork is representing the important celebration in Hispanic culture of a girl turning 15 and entering womanhood. Most have a massive ceremony followed by an afterparty that is planned at least a year before the date. A lot of effort and preparation is made to make this tradition a memorable experience and moment.​
Hello, my name is Dulce Perez, and I am a sophomore at Lumpkin County High School. I am currently taking Art 3 and I enjoy learning and experiencing new things about art that can help me become a better artist.
Traditional Dress​​​​​​​
Kaley Quintanilla - Gainesville High School​
Acrylic on canvas ​
16 x 20 in. ​
Traditional dresses are a big part of culture; not just in Latin culture, but in many others as well. They play a large role in demonstrating the culture's origin and history, with the vibrant and colorful designs you see on these traditional dresses linking us to vibrant meanings. Traditional dresses also display a preservation of heritage. It is not just the Latino culture that has these type of dresses; all around the world there are countries which have a traditional dress. With the Latino culture, just seeing a women with a traditional dress on makes you brighten up.​
My name is Kaley Quintanilla. I am fifteen years old, and I am in the ninth grade. My family is Salvadorian. This is my painting called “Traditional Dress,” inspired by Latin culture. I’ve grown up wearing traditional dresses, and I have seen how dresses are a big part of Latin culture. Traditional dresses create a link to that region's history and portray the identity of the country.
Feliz Cumpleaños​​​​​​​
Elizabeth Ramirez (she/her) - Gainesville High School​
Cardboard, plaster, clay, acrylic paint, piping tips ​
2023 ​
9.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 in. ​
I am Mexican-American, my parents being from Mexico and myself from the United States. This sculpture is of a Tres Leches cake. I remember growing up and celebrating birthdays or other occasions with these cakes. In this case, the cake is celebrating a birthday. Although we also celebrate other birthdays with different kinds of cakes, my favorite would always be the Tres Leches cake, bought from a local bakery.​
My name is Elizabeth Ramirez, and I am a senior at Gainesville High School. I am currently 18 years old and exploring 3D materials with the theme of Mexican/Hispanic desserts. 
Angel Miranda - East Hall High School​
Acrylic ​
16 x 20 in.​
Vicente Fernandez was and still is an idol to the people of Mexico. The people mourned his death and celebrated his life. Along with his death was the end of an era. His powerful voice combined with his powerful performances will never be forgotten. He is one of the most famous artists known by older and younger generations alike. He will always be loved and be a legend to the people.​
My name is Angel Miranda, and I am in the 11th grade. I aspire to be a graphic designer and painter. I chose Vicente Fernandez because he inspires me to work hard in school and on my art.

The Many Crowns​​​​​​​
Carly Katulka (she/her) - Flowery Branch High School​
Mixed media​
10 x 12 in.​
My piece is of two iconic flower crowns Frida Kahlo has worn. This symbolizes the incredible role she’s had on Latinx culture. ​
I’m a junior in high school and I juggle studio art and dance. I’m an honors student with a hope to minor in art. I’ve been working on my art techniques and styles for my whole life. 
El Camino Real​​​​​​​
Katie Martin (she/her) - Flowery Branch High School ​
Mixed media​
14 x 11 in.​
This piece is centered around a historic trail that stretches through Mexico and the United States.​
I’m a junior in high school. I enjoy various forms of the arts such as playing the clarinet, listening to various musical artists, and creating physical art with whatever materials I can get my hands on.
Las Mañanitas​​​​​​​
Carla N. Morales Alcibar  (she/her)- Lumpkin County High School​
Acrylic on Canvas ​
12 x 16 in.​
My artwork connects to Mexican culture because my family is Mexican, and I have painted tradition as I see it. When it is someone's birthday we sing “Las Mañanitas ” before they blow out the candles and bite the cake. When they bite the cake, someone always pushes that person towards it. It displays the concept of tradition because it is something that all Hispanic communities do to family members when it is their birthday.​
My name is Carla N. Morales Alcibar. I’m 16, and a Sophomore at Lumpkin County High School. My hobbies are art, listening to music, and watching k-dramas. One of my favorites at the moment is "Alchemy Of Souls."
Holy Ham​​​​​​​
Regan Osborne (she/her) - Lumpkin County High School​
Acrylic, crayon, oil pastel, and watercolor on canvas.​
11 in. x 14 in. ​
The artwork will create a connection with Hispanic and Latino culture by establishing a vivid color palette, like in most Lantinx art. The concept of tradition/trans-culturalism is shown through the usage of many symbols, such as ham, easter eggs, snowflakes, and calendar pages. The calendar represents the dates on which we eat the ham, the eggs and snowflakes represent the most common associations with Easter and Christmas, and the centered ham represents my favorite family food.​
My name is Regan Osborne, and I am a 15-year-old sophomore. I draw as a passion, and that passion has only been growing. I do not know where my art will take me in the future, but I plan on trying to keep in touch with this skill.
Christmas Morning Breakfast​​​​​​​
Avery Shadburn (she/her) - Lumpkin County High School​
Acrylic on canvas, yarn​
18 x 13 in. ​
My artwork shows my family's tradition of my dad's homemade breakfast that he makes every Christmas morning. This is my favorite family tradition because I get to spend time with my family, and my grandparents always come over and eat with us. I have communicated a connection with Latino art through the influence of Latina artist Victoria Villasana. I included yarn with my artwork because I was influenced by her art style and yarn work.​
Hello, my name is Avery Shadburn. I am 17 and a junior at Lumpkin County High School. I have lived in Dahlonega all my life. I like doing art as a side hobby and my favorite artist is Claude Monet.
Sophia Westerfield (she/her) - Lumpkin County High School​
Mixed media​
16 x 20 in.​
My art communicates a connection with Hispanic/Latino culture because of my Hispanic heritage. I was given the choice for my artwork’s topic to either be based on Tradition or Transculturalism. I chose traditions because they mean a lot to me, and they bring good memories. Throughout my Dad’s family is a generational line of musicians, and we also share the tradition of eating 12 grapes every New Years. Only two little things, and yet they fill up my canvas.​
Hello! I am Sophia Westerfield. I am 15 and in the tenth grade. I was born deaf, and I grew up in Illinois before later moving to Georgia. I am mestizo (Latino and European) and the oldest of 6 kids. I prefer my art to be bright and colorful with a little twist.
Bearing Fruits of Culture​​​​​​​​
Mohita Ilamurugan (she/her) - Forsyth Central High School​
Ceramic sculpture ​
8 x 4 x 4 in. ​
My work shows the national fruits of Latin America. These fruits are a prominent part of Latin American culture and traditions. The process of acquiring and integrating these fruits into everyday life and cuisine has become an especially familial tradition in Latin America. Through this tradition, certain aspects of Latin American culture are kept alive. This familial culture not only applies to Latin America but transcends borders and cultures.​
I'm sixteen years old and a junior at Forsyth Central High School. I took ceramic classes for two years and clay is currently my main medium for art. When I am not sculpting, I am working on my book, listening to music, or crocheting a new project.
Embroidery Vase​​​​​​​
Kathy del Cid (she/her) - East Hall High School​
Acrylic on clay​
4.5 x 7 in. ​
Embroidery is a very important part of traditional clothing, and my piece reflects the beauty of this as well as other aspects of Lain culture.  ​
My name is Kathy E Cruz Del Cid, I'm 16 years old, and I'm currently in my junior year at East Hall High School. I was raised in Honduras for most of my life, and I appreciate the beauty of my country. I'm hoping in the future I can help people like some people helped me during my life. ​​​​​​​
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