Our identity is built through our memories, experiences, ingrained values, culture, surroundings, and relationships. It is ever-changing and ever-growing as we reach new places, meet new people, and change our preferences. Every year and each shift become a building block, stacking onto the construction rather than erasing what was there before. When we leave our home countries or even states—regardless of the reason—and settle somewhere else, we blend our cultures, customs, and traditions with those of our new home. We can form connections with others through shared aspects of our identity, and no matter where we are, our cultural roots will always bring us closer to those who share them. In this exhibition, the term “identity” is used in relation to heritage and cultural roots as we touch on the topics of tradition and transculturalism. 

Nuestra identidad es creada a través de nuestras memorias, experiencias, valores, cultura, entorno y relaciones. Está en constante cambio y crecimiento a medida que llegamos a nuevos lugares, conocemos a nuevas personas y al cambiar nuestros gustos y preferencias. Cada año y cada cambio complementan la estructura de quien somos, agregando más facetas sin borrar lo que ya existía. Cuando dejamos nuestros estados o países de origen, sin importar la razón, mezclamos nuestras culturas, costumbres y tradiciones con las de nuestro nuevo hogar. Podemos formar conexiones con otros a través de aspectos comunes y compartidos de nuestra identidad, y sin importar donde estemos, nuestras raíces culturales siempre nos acercaran a quienes las comparten. En esta exhibición, el término “identidad” se utiliza con relación al patrimonio y raíces culturales al tocar temas de tradición y transculturalidad. 
Isa Arevalo (she/her) - Flowery Branch High School​
Ink and yarn​
12 x 10 in. (No frame)​
I draw the photographs I capture to emphasize the depth in my work. I wanted to create texture in my piece, so I sewed in yarn to create more of a Mexican art style to emphasize my culture. ​
I am finishing up my senior year in high school and have been exploring art ever since I could get my hands on it. I try to explore art that emphasizes my culture as a Mexican-American. ​
Barron, Marleen – Forsyth Central High School​
Ceramic and underglaze​
9 x 5 x 2 in. ​
This piece shows how diverse the Hispanic/Latino culture is, where different people can express the same fundamental idea in traditional and/or creative ways. I based my artwork off a Mexican tradition, the Quinceanera, which is a coming-of-age ceremony for a male or female. I made a simple but graceful mask to express the change from child to an adult/adolescent.​
I'm 19 years old and a senior. I enjoy making three dimensional pieces. Since middle school, I have been fascinated by ceramics and how you can make functional as well as non-functional items.

The Bonds that Tie Us​​​​​​​
Cash, Kaylin - Lumpkin County High School​
Digital Illustration ​
11 x 14 in.​
This artwork shows Hispanic culture and trans-culturalism while also displaying feminism and womanhood. This piece shows the parts that build us into who we are and the different cultures and experiences that make us human, as well as stronger as a community.​
My name is Kaylin Cash. I am 17 and a senior in high school. I enjoy making character art and creating character designs for my original worlds. My art is heavily based on apocalyptic and fantasy/sci fi themes. I create both digital and traditional art.
American Axolotl​​​​​​​
Guadalupe Escalera - Gainesville High School​
4 x 3 in. ​
The American Axolotl represents Latino culture in the United States, and how both cultures interact or mix in the children of Latinos/ Mexicans in the United States to create another beautiful culture. ​
My name is Guadalupe Escalera. I’m 18 years old and a senior at Gainesville High School. I was born in Durango, Mexico, and I came to the United States when I was 12 years old. My transition from hearing and speaking only Spanish to learning English was hard because I didn’t know any of the language or culture, but then I met people whose parents were from other parts of Latinoamérica and were willing to help me learn. They also helped me understand what was going on in this new environment. As someone who is in the middle between being Latino and American, I can easily tell the difference between someone like me, and children of Latinos born in the USA. That is why I decided to make an Axolotl with the colors of the American flag, to show the mixture of both cultures, representing Latinos born in the United States. 
Natalie Flanagan (she/her) - Forsyth Central High School​
Acrylic on canvas​
16 x 20 in. ​
The artist that this piece was inspired by is Rocio Rodriguez, an artist from Cuba. She has several paintings in different galleries. Her paintings were created to embrace differences and contradictions. I chose to create my work based on hers to create more awareness of the differences that people have and how the Hispanic community can sometimes feel isolated. ​
My name is Natalie Flanagan. I am 17 years old, and I am a Junior at Forsyth Central High School, where I am involved in the gymnastics and art programs.
Flores de Luto​​​​​​​
Marjorie M. Funes C. - Gainesville High School​
Acrylic ​
2023 ​
18 x 22 in.​
Esta pieza de arte honra los sentimientos que un día sentí al marchar lejos de mi país. El sentimiento de una confusión interna por pensar erróneamente que he traicionado a mi tierra por ahora pertenecer a otra. Flores de luto debido a la muerte de una ilusión, ilusión de seguir siendo parte de mi país, ilusión de estar al lado de mi abuelita siempre y crecer a su lado.​
Mi nombre es Marjorie Funes, y nací en noviembre del 2004. Actualmente tengo 18 años y estoy en mi último año de escuela. Nací y crecí en El Salvador, tuve que mudarme aquí cuando tenía 15 años y adoptar una nueva cultura totalmente diferente. A pesar de mi corta edad soy una artista amante del surrealismo y piezas que contengan sentimientos guardados en conceptos. 
Jaden Hollabaugh - Lumpkin County High School​
Acrylic on canvas​
12in x 24 in. ​
Whether it's depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, etc., it runs in my family. In my piece, I use her hands covering her mouth to symbolize the pain behind mental illness, trying to hide the tears. I paint pills falling in the background and around the girl to symbolize addiction and what it's like to be medicated. I communicate a connection with Hispanic/Latino art by referencing Juan Sisay’s use of texture and colors.​
My name is Jaden Hollabaugh, and I'm 16. I’ve always enjoyed art from a really young age. I like using art to express how I’m feeling at the moment, or issues going on around me. When it comes to art, I always try to push myself beyond my own boundaries.

Being Latinx in Georgia​​​​​​​
Mattalyn Mabry - Forsyth Central High School​
Acrylic on canvas​
16 x 20 in. ​
For this piece, I chose to interview my Latinx-American friends regarding their experiences as Latinx people in America, and, more specifically, in Georgia. The words in the background are their responses to this prompt, which I painted their portraits on top of. Their responses featured the good, the bad, and the ugly, and were truly moving to read.​
Hello! My name is Mattalyn Mabry. I am 17 years old and a senior this year. I was beyond excited to do this show, as it gave me the opportunity to share my friends’ experiences through my artwork. I hope you enjoy the piece!
Decaying Orange​​​​​​​
Samuel Nicolella (they/them) - Forsyth Central High School​
Digital illustration​
16 x 20 in.​
My painting is based on studying works by the Cuban artist Tania Bruguera. Tania and many other Cuban artists use their work to criticize and express discontent with the government of Cuba. Although tariffs have crippled the Cuban economy since the revolution, this is no excuse to run an overbearing, authoritative government. My piece is meant to show how a culture can fall apart under an authoritarian government, and yet, despite that, art is still made. ​
I'm Sam Nicolella, a seventeen-year-old senior artist at Forsyth Central High School. Art, and especially animation, has always been a part of my life, and I have always enjoyed everything about it. Over time, I have tried many different forms of art, but I eventually settled into the darker-themed digital paintings I do now. 
Mittagspause (Lunch Break)​​​​​​​​
Clara Irma Romberg - Lumpkin County High School​
Acrylic ​
2023 ​
19.5 x 16 in. ​
I was influenced by Latino artists like Judy Baca for the color, Qezta for the background texture, and Recinos for the use of brushstrokes. Back in my home country of Germany, my friends and I would traditionally go to a nearby Turkish shop that sold pizza, falafel, and more, but we would always get the classic Döner. Sometimes, one of us would buy something from the local bakery, like Bretzen, a Bavarian Pastry.​
My name is Clara, and I am a 16-year-old German exchange student in my sophomore year at Lumpkin County High School. I enjoy experiencing cultures. I have traveled to Austria and France, and am learning English, Latin, and French in school.
Third Eye​​​​​​​
Yuliana Castillo - East Hall High School​
Acrylic on canvas​
16 x 20 in.​
This painting is about Frida Kahlo and the way I would paint her. The dress represents the Latino dress's culture. The same goes for the earrings, the hairstyle, and the scarf. ​
I am 15 years old and in 10th grade.
(top left) The Beauty Within Us
Hannah Jaramillo – East Hall High School​
Acrylic on canvas​
11 x 14 in. ​
"The Beauty Within Us" represents four countries of diverse cultures in Central and South America. Each piece represents the roots and values of one of the following: Argentina, Brazil, El Salvador, and Mexico. This work is a representation of Argentina and the things that make up the unique country, such as the religion, culture, colors, etc. We want to show people the beauty hidden within us that we never knew existed.​
Hannah Jaramillo is a 16-year-old junior at East Hall High School who is seeking a career in art and design. She currently lives in Gainesville, Georgia. 
(top right) The Beauty Within Us
Mayra S. Sanchez (she/her) - East Hall High School​
Acrylic on canvas​
11 x 14 in.​
"The Beauty Within Us" represents four countries of diverse cultures in Central and South America. Each piece represents the roots and values of one of the following: Argentina, Brazil, El Salvador, and Mexico.​
My name is Mayra S. Sanchez, and I am a Junior at East Hall High School. I live in Georgia, and I currently play tennis. A few of the clubs I am in are "Future Business Leaders of America" (FBLA), the "National Honors Society" (NHS), and "Skill USA." I am an officer in all three clubs, and I was elected Vice President in two of them. My friends encouraged me to enter this show; I was nervous at first but ended up having a lot of fun with it! I hope you can see every little detail we did. Thank you!
(bottom left) The Beauty Within Us
Sheyli Turcios (she/her) - East Hall High School​
Acrylic on canvas​
11 x 14 in. ​
"The Beauty Within Us" represents four countries of diverse cultures in Central and South America. Each piece represents the roots and values of one of the following: Argentina, Brazil, El Salvador, and Mexico. This painting represents El Salvador and its beautiful mountains, rivers, and flag, as well as the Virgin Mary. Each have their own depth and meaning. The mountains represent the mountains and volcanoes located in El Salvador, the river is used there for washing clothes, the flag represents honor, and the Virgin Mary demonstrates Catholicism. This painting is a group project representing our culture.​
My name is Sheyli Turcios. I am 16 years old and was born and raised in Gainesville, Georgia, but that didn’t stop me from learning about my culture from Mexico and El Salvador. My parents come from Central America; my mother was born and raised in Michoacán, Mexico, and my father was born and raised in Union, El Salvador. My parents were always open to talking about their culture and all their fun childhood memories, and I have always had an eye for art. I have been doing art for more than five years, but it’s only my third year being in an art class. During freshman year, I was able to show my talent for art. My biggest achievement was being entered in the Quinlan Art Show, where I placed 2nd in the pool of Hall County Schools. That inspired me to continue doing art. ​
(bottom right) The Beauty Within Us
Alinne Olvera – East Hall High School​
Acrylic on canvas​
11 x 14 in. ​
"The Beauty Within Us" represents four countries of diverse cultures in Central and South America. Each piece represents the roots and values of one of the following: Argentina, Brazil, El Salvador, and Mexico. This work is part of a group project of four that focuses on the difficulties and pride each artist relates to their beautiful hometown.​
Alinne Olvera was born in Gainesville, Georgia. She is currently a junior at East Hall High School and will be graduating in May of 2024. She has lived all her life in Gainesville and creates art as a hobby to express what she imagines the world to be. 

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